• Distressed leather: leather with unique markings, simulated wear and the method of tanning to give it a vintage or worn look.
  • Patent Leather: Patent leather is a coated leather that has a very shiny, glossy finish.
  • Opalescent leather: leather with a pearlized opal finish tat looks like a pearl with a colored background.
  • Embossed Leather: leather that has a design embossed on it to give a three dimensional appearance to the design.

Most of our leathers come from the furniture industry and are leftovers or extra hides that were not needed. We try to recycle and use what is out there already.

International Shipping: We only charge for actual shipping costs.
We ship to over 50 countries and are not aware of all of the customs and port fees in each area of the world. We are not allowed to collect monies on behalf of a country. If you would like information on your customs policies, you will need to research the information online.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Please read the item description carefully before purchasing and don’t hesitate to ask me any questions to enable you to make an informed purchase.

If an item does not work for you for any reason, I’m happy to take it back provided it is in its original condition and packaging. We do not refund shipping costs, but if you wish to purchase a different item, shipping charges will be refunded for that purchase.

Please contact me within 30 days of receiving an item to arrange for a refund if you wish to return an item.

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Waxed Canvas: Our waxed canvas is an extremely durable fabric that requires minimal care. However, just as you should not wash fabric upholstery or a leather product such as shoes, gloves, or jackets, you should not dry clean or use detergent on your waxed canvas products. Wax fabrics have been successfully used for many years without washing.

A periodic cleaning with a hose, damp cloth or soft scrub brush for heavy dirt is all that is needed. Your shower works equally as well. Sometimes a mild bar or flake soap (not detergent) or even Saddle soap will remove stubborn stains.

Darker shades are more successful than lighter shades in not showing soiling. To be completely satisfied with the performance of your waxed canvas fabrics, there are several important issues to remember: TRY water first with a slight brushing or scrubbing. USE a little bar soap or flaked soap or Saddle soap, only if necessary, on specific areas only. Sometimes a small amount of ammonia will help. NEVER use detergent, liquid or powdered. NEVER dry clean as the powerful environmentally damaging chlorinated solvents will remove the finish. Use and enjoy your waxed cotton product. It is rugged and made for active outdoor use. It is weather-tough and made for your next adventure.

Leather: Your leather bag is ready to use for many years to come. Care for it like you would a leather jacket or shoes. You can use a leather creme to clean up scuffs. If you have a Nubuck leather that is more porous, we will treat it with waterproofing spray for you. You will need to re-treat it about every 3-5 years to keep it water repellent.