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Moonlight, a Mannequin and a Rowboat – A Photography Adventure

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Lily (our shop mannequin) spends most of her days sitting elegantly in the studio. She was in need of an adventure! It was mid-July, during the full moon, the summer sun lit it up like a beacon in the sky. I was looking at another two weeks before the conditions were right to have that perfect black sky with the core of the Milky way in full glory across the southern horizon. Feeling anxious to get out and see the night stars, it dawned on me that maybe I should be thinking “outside the box” and go with the present situation, photography in the moon light! Already knowing that I had to get North, far enough away from the the city lights so that the light pollution was minimal on the horizon, it wasn’t long before I resourced a property with a pond. Hoping to get some great reflections working with the …

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4 Amazing Apps for Nighttime Photography!

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I have had a recent fascination with photographing the night sky. It all started with a trip to a cabin in the woods in northern Michigan this summer. After quickly becoming bored photographing green ferns and woodland scenery, I planned a night shoot of the Milky Way. I became hooked! After that, my poor husband was at the mercy of the weather and the timing of the Milky Way with late night drives out into the countryside to get away from the light pollution of the city. (yes, I am still scared of the dark!) It gives me a sense of security to have a tagalong or fellow photographer, especially out on the back country roads in the middle of the night. It did not take long to figure out which apps would help me with this venture and take a lot of the guess work out of the positioning and best time …

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Scottsdale, Arizona Invasion! Art, History and Culture.

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Day one of the Scottsdale Invasion in Scottsdale, AZ! Check-in at the retro and funky Saguaro hotel was a treat. Vintage leather furniture and beautiful artwork hangs all around the property. Dinner at The Distrito was a taste experience to die for! From the Duck Fundido to the Pecado a la Veracruz, they have a great menu for the food connoisseur. The ArtWalk in the Downtown Scottsdale was a great way to walk off the evenings dinner and drinks. The galleries are on a street adorned with lights and outdoor sculptures. And who could resist a wall of John Wayne movie posters! Disclaimer: This experience was provided free of charge for review purposes by Scottsdale CVB, but all opinions expressed are my own.