Ruthless Photos
Lively, evocative and candid pet photography in natural light and gorgeous surroundings.

Ruth O’Leary
Sydney, Australia

What is your passion in photography?

Photographing homeless dogs is where my pet photography journey started and it’s still something I’m very passionate about and devote a considerable amount of my time to.

Where is your favorite place to explore?

Sydney is a pretty amazing place to explore. I’ve lived here for ten years and there’s still so much of it that I’ve yet to discover.

What is the most important thing in your camera bag besides your camera and lenses/attachments?

My noisemakers. No self-respecting pet photographer should be without them!

If you had 10 minutes to decide and get on a plane, where would you go?
I’d go somewhere like Bora Bora or the Cook Islands. I’ve never been to either but they look like my kind of holiday destinations.

Instagram: @ruthlessthings