Fabio Oliveira
Brasília / DF / Brazil

What is your passion in photography?
Photography is a historical instrument with unprecedented powers, side by side with painting and writing, our history has been documented by those things that transcend the story… This is my passion, document the history of places and people that inspire me and trust in my photography. I love to travel, it makes me feel alive, my soul needs it. I build my life like this, with my camera and my girl with
me …

Where is your favorite place to explore?
I love the National Parks in United States and Brazilian Waterfalls and Beaches. I need to know the South America, Chile, Bolivia and Peru with your deserts, mountains and unique peoples.

What is the most important thing in your camera bag besides your camera and lenses/attachments?
A lightweight tripod, many filters, waterproof bag, stylish strap and my hat.

If you had 10 minutes to decide and get on a plane, where would you go?
India, Iceland or New Zealand

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