David Whitney
A mix of digital and film. Mostly product and adventure photography.
My wife and I are slowly getting into Wedding Photography.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Instagram: @whitknows98Twitter: @whitknows98

What is your passion?

My Dad taught me how to use an old Konica film SLR when I was 6. I would take pictures of trees in an attempt to document every single species that grew near our house. So the documentation /historical record that a photograph provides has always meant something to me, especially if I am the one taking the photo. When else do you get to freeze time? Besides documentation, I get excited when I can recreate an image that I have in my head. It might be a dream, something that I noticed while driving or something that just seems to come out of thin air. The vast majority my photography is my attempt to bring the thoughts in my head to life. I find that this is insanely therapeutic for me as it slows me down, makes me focus on small details and I experience life differently for a brief second.

Where is your favorite place to explore?

By far Northern Maine. It is essentially a frontier up there. Just bring lots of bug spray.

What is the most important thing in your camera bag besides your camera and lenses/attachments?

A good ND Filter and a good Tripod. Photography is virtually the only introspective tool I cling to now. So I find myself alone most of the time, thinking about the way I see the world. So, a tripod is absolutely a must when you are by yourself! I love slowing down my shutter so an ND Filter is really important. Honorable mention goes to my Patagonia jacket and extra film but the ND Filter and tripod are clear winners.

If you had 10 minutes to decide and get on a plane, where would you go?

I would go to the Alps. I have been many places, but I have not made it there yet. Probably because I am certain I would want to stay. There is something about Mountains that is addictive for me. The views, the journey up, the clear, obvious goal….to climb. It is so simple and so perfect.