Walk Across Lake Michigan – Take the S.S. Badger on Your Next Trip!

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Yes, you can really walk across Lake Michigan! If you walk the upper deck of the S.S. Badger, in 6 laps you will have walked 1 mile! Keep it up for the entire trip and you will have walked the Great Lake!

For most of us who live in middle lower Michigan, we have only a few choices to get to the west. We can either drive around Chicago, cross the Mackinaw Bridge and drive the length of the upper peninsula or take a voyage across Lake Michigan.

On a recent trip to Minneapolis, I opted for the S.S. Badger! It was the most relaxed trip I have ever made to the other side of the lake.

I had no idea how big this ship was going to be! What a sight it was when I pulled up to the loading area!

From Grand Rapids, the drive to the dock is only an hour and a half. Boarding is very streamlined, they will line you right up for entry with your vehicle and personnel will drive your car on for you. What was amazing were the semi trucks lined up to be brought aboard. This is one big ship, measuring 410′ long with a 160 vehicle capacity.

Reasons to Take this Voyage:

• Walk laps around the deck to enjoy the view
• Read up on the history of the ship in the museum
• Sit in one of the many chairs on the decks and enjoy the wind blowing through your hair.
• Shop in the ship’s store
• Hang out in the TV lounge
• Play Badger Bingo
• Watch movies in two theaters
• Work on your laptop in the upper Cabana room
• Bring your kids to the Play Room
• Grab a reclining chair and read
• Rent a stateroom for quiet time
• Check another National Historic Landmark off your bucket list

The S.S. Badger was designated as a National Historic Landmark by the Department of the Interior in 2016
Read more about the S.S. Badger and its History here. S.S. Badger Facts

One forgets how big our Great Lakes are until you are aboard the car ferry and it’s not long before you cannot see either shore.

Ludington Lighthouse

These stop motion videos of the semi trucks pulling out of the ship after docking in Ludington and the perfect back up into the loading dock will help give you a perspective of this grandiose car ferry!!

Stop motion video of Badger backing into dock area. Perfect landing!

Stop motion video of the big semis driving off of the ferry.

All Photography and timelapse videos are copyright Robyn Porteen
This review of the SS Badger is not paid for or promoted by the SS Badger. This review is done by me and is a part of my experience as a travel writer.

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