Cosanti- A Unique Desert Studio!

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When you visit Scottsdale, AZ, a must-see stop should be Cosanti just outside of Scottsdale!

This magnificent studio was home to Italian-American architect Paolo Soleri before his passing in 2013.

The structures are formed with concrete using the ground as a mold. All of the details were carved in a mound of earth, concrete was poured over and when dried, the earth was removed beneath the concrete. This technique is called earthcasting.

Cosanti is also known for it’s wind bells which are created on-site.

These bells are know world-wide and are a favorite gift for an Arizona resident to send out on the holidays to people outside of the area.

I was lucky enough to be present during a casting with several of the day’s visitors.

Molten metal is poured into the sand forms and will set quickly. The forms have been shaped and etched with designs beforehand.

Using different metals will yield different looks. My favorite were the bells with heavy patinas. I will definitely be bringing one of these pieces of art home with me!

Cosanti is on the list of Arizona Historic sites and they have resident students on the property.

All Photography copyright – Robyn Porteen

Disclaimer: This experience was provided free of charge for review purposes by Scottsdale CVB, but all opinions expressed are my own