Design Your Own Bag

How to Design Your Own Camera Bag

START Here to Design Your Own Bag!


1. Pick out your 5 options.

2. Pick out your Size of bag.

3. Email (convo) your choices to me in my Etsy store.

4. I will set up a custom listing for you.

5. Your camera bag will go into production as soon as you buy your listing.

Detailed instructions below:

There are 5 options when designing a bag. They can all be found in the tabs at the top of the page. You will need to pick out your strap color, waxed canvas, interior color, accent fabric and leather. When you have made your selections, copy/paste this with your choices typed in and send me a message (convo) through my Etsy store.:

Accent Fabric:
Waxed Canvas:
Interior Color:

Please make sure you let me know which size you want, Small ($120.00), Compact ($135.00), Medium ($160.00) or Large ($190.00). You can find more details about each size bag by clicking on a current listing in my Etsy store and reading the description.

Click on the link in the right column to go to the Porteen Gear Store. Send me a message (convo) with your choices and I will set up a custom listing for you.

If you are having trouble with choices, I can help you out especially if you already have an accent fabric picked out. There are several In Stock bags for immediate shipping and Pre-Order bags that I have designed in my store.

If you are planning a gift for someone, you can give your recipient a Gift Certificate that includes instructions on how to design their own camera bag.  Gift  certificates can be purchased in my Etsy store at

In order to keep my products hand-made, my turn-around time for custom orders is 2-3 weeks.

These are the four sizes of bags available: The small bag for $101.00, the Compact Bag (shown below) for $115.00, the medium bag for $140.00 and the extra large bag for $170.00. Please specify the size that you would like when you send me your fabric choices.

I now have a new size available for the Compact Mirrorless Camera systems. These are a smaller version of my medium bags and are $115.00

  Shown next to a medium bag: