Porteen Gear now offers Guitar Straps!

Porteen Gear is now offering guitar straps! Many of my friends, including my husband are musicians, and I have had many requests for guitar straps. These are individually hand made with real leather ends. They have been tested for durability. My signature design includes a pearlized snap on the front of the strap, all metal hardware and unique colors. Straps are 2 inches wide.

Non-porous fiber, and high strength makes this an excellent choice for straps! To give you an idea on life span for this webbing, go to a local junk yard and look inside a vehicle that has seen its years. The one thing that will look to be in great condition are the seat belts!

Great gift idea for the musician in your circle!

There are nine colors currently available with Bronze and Black coming soon. You can find these in the Guitar Strap section in my Etsy store by clicking on the link to the right of this page.

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