Tribal Couture Showcased on Two New Sizes of Convertible Camera Bags!

Porteen Gear Leather Camera Bag in Yellow and Orange

The Porteen Gear Convertible Camera Bag is now available in three sizes!  In addition to our current Medium Camera Bag, we have now included a Small and Large size. We thought we’d celebrate these new sizes by showcasing them in the bright colors and mixed patterns that are popular on the runways this Fall!

Porteen Gear Leather Camera Bags

The Convertible Bag is designed to be versatile, no matter the size and come with removable inserts to change your bag into an every day purse or carry-on. Whether you’re a photographer, business woman or student, our bags will hold your possessions safely and in style!

Small Convertible Bags are great for compact and mirrorless camera systems and for those wanting to only carry the basic everyday essentials.

Porteen Gear Small Convertible Camera BagGear Shown:

  • Removable padded insert that compartmentalizes and protects a mirrorless camera body (Nikon J1) with attached lens (10-30mm), an extra lens (30-110mm) and flash
  • Zipper pocket to hold keys, wallet or smaller personal items
  • Side pocket to hold tablet (iPad Mini), phone and headphones


  • 2 pockets in waxed canvas for passport and thin wallet
  • Zippered closure
  • Hard bottom
  • Rivet and metal accents
  • Adjustable leather strap with buckle closure

Medium Convertible Bags are excellent for mid size gear like the Canon Rebel.  A great bag for those that need a little extra room for larger items, and yet do not want the bulk of a larger bag.

Porteen gear Medium Camera Bag

Gear Shown:

  • Removable padded insert that compartmentalizes and protects a DSLR camera body (Canon EOS 5D), an extra lens (Canon 70-200mm) and flash
  • Zipper pocket to hold keys, wallet or smaller personal items
  • Side pocket to hold a tablet (iPad), notepad, lens cap case and large wallet


  • 2 pockets in waxed canvas for phone and thin wallet
  • Zippered closure
  • Hard bottom
  • Rivet and metal accents
  • Adjustable leather strap with buckle closure

Large Convertible Bags are specialized for the pro photographer and for those that have a lot to carry on a daily basis. This bag makes for a great carry-on.

Porteen Gear Large Convertible Bag

Gear Shown:

  • Removable padded insert that compartmentalizes and protects a DSLR camera body (Canon EOS 5D), an extra lens (Canon 70-200mm) and flash
  • Zipper pocket to hold keys, wallet or smaller personal items
  • Side pocket to hold a tablet (iPad), notepad, lens cap and large wallet


  • 2 pockets in waxed canvas for phone and thin wallet
  • Zippered closure
  • Hard bottom
  • Rivet and metal accents
  • Adjustable leather strap with buckle closure

These three bags are currently in-stock and are ready to ship! Once these bags are sold out, availability will become pre-order and will take 2-3 weeks to make and ship. Visit the Porteen Gear Etsy Shop to order yours today!


Large Convertible bag

Porteen gear Medium Camera Bag

Medium Convertible Camera Bag



Large Convertible Camera Bag

The Porteen Gear Bag Builder is Ready to Go!

Celebrate the launching of the bag builderIt’s time to celebrate!! The Porteen Gear Bag Builder is up and running! All six camera bag sizes are now available for custom design.

Medium Camera Bag on the bag builder.

 Medium camera bag on the bag builder.



Easier ordering for custom designs – add your bag to the cart right from the design page.

Register on the site to use the Wish List – a place to save your designs and to share for gift receiving.

A Men’s room for simple designs like Plaids and Tweeds for the guys or gals who like a simple design with a solid leather flap.

Take a Screen Shot to share your design on Facebook, Instagram or other social media sites (instructions in the Bag Builder Tips)


Compact camera bag on the bag builder.

Compact camera bag on the bag builder.

Coming Soon

We still have some minor projects to complete.

There will be a style gallery with customer designs for inspiration and a model gallery to show bag sizes on people.

A guide to packing your gear for travel.


Convertible camera bag

Convertible camera bag/handbag on the bag builder. 

Darby Camera Bag

The Darby Camera Bag in the Men’s Room


Please use the Contact form to email me if you have any questions or issues. The Etsy Store will still be up and running for In Stock bags and special custom orders that cannot be completed with the Porteen Gear bag builder.

All Bags that are In Stock and ready for immediate shipping are in our Etsy Store.

Porteen Gear in August issue of British Vogue!

Porteen Gear Vogue

We’re in!

I am happy to announce that Porteen Gear is seen in the August issue of British Vogue! I would like to extend a warm welcome to our new visitors and encourage those to visit the Porteen Gear store. There are two places you can visit to get your Porteen Gear bag.

To start building your own custom bag, visit: The Porteen Gear Bag Builder.

Porteen Gear Store

Then, visit the Porteen Gear Etsy Store to shop around or find design inspiration for your custom bag!

Porteen Gear Etsy Shop

Stay tuned for more upcoming announcements as Porteen Gear will be adding new fabrics and designs!





Between the Seams – The People that Make Porteen Gear Possible – Danielle

Porteen Gear PeopleWe thought it would be a good idea to show you all of the people that have a hand in making all of the Porteen Gear products and are a key part of helping the business run smoothly. We will be showcasing the small family owned businesses and individuals who are part of the daily happenings at Porteen Gear. It was asked of each person to hold something that is their passion for a portrait to be taken after their interview.

Our first Between the Seams will showcase Danielle.

Danielle came aboard this past April to help with all of the miscellaneous tasks in the Porteen Gear studio. She cuts most of the pattern pieces for the camera bags, gathers all of the hardware and other parts for the weekly batches of bags to be sewn, makes all of the camera straps, and lovingly wraps and ships the orders. She is a joy to work with and brings a fun and happy personality into the studio.

The sad part of this story is that Danielle will be leaving us soon. I hired her for the summer knowing that she was married to a Marine and will be departing with her husband, Koen to Japan in August. Koen is a Marine and has been stationed in Japan since December. She was in need of a job that occupied her summer and I needed some time to think about who I would hire full time before the holiday rush in late fall. It worked out well for both of us and I will miss her dearly!

Interview with Danielle

Q. What is your passion?

A. I have always been passionate about Halloween, ever since I was a kid I loved Halloween. I love Tim Burton and I’m fascinated with special effects.

 Q. What was your favorite part of working for Porteen Gear?

A. Honestly? My boss and the atmosphere at the studio. Porteen Gear is founded and run by great people who work hard and care about putting out a great quality product.

Q. If you could jump on a plane in the next 10 minutes,  where would you go?

A. Nowhere! I am already dreading the long plane ride to Japan in a week.

Q. What was your worst job ever?

A. Without mentioning the company name, I worked at a home improvement store and had to listen to an auto-play of the company jingle all day and was forced to up-sell from a list at the check-out.

Q. What is the most exciting thing coming up in your life in the near future?

A. Most looking forward to moving to Japan, experiencing the Japanese culture and being able to travel.

Q. What is the least exciting thing coming up in your life in the near future?

A. Being away from family and the plane ride to the other side of the world.


We wish Danielle and Koen a safe and happy trip to Japan! It will be exciting to keep in touch with Danielle and hear how she is doing!

Porteen Gear Danielle

Danielle and Koen reunited in Grand Rapids after 8 months apart. He came home to Grand Rapids to bring his bride back to Japan to their home near base.


Update: Danielle agreed to model the latest size of convertible handbag in tribal fashion before she left. Here are a couple of previews.


Modeling a Porteen gear Tribal Bag

Tribal Photo Shoot


Frida Kahlo: Our Inspirational Artist of the Month

Frida Kahlo


I’ll paint myself because I am so often alone, because I am the subject I know best.“-Frida Kahlo




Painter. Born Magdalena Carmen Frieda Kahlo y Calderon on July 6, 1907, in Coyocan, Mexico City, Mexico. Frida Kahlo is best known for her surreal self-portraits that feature bold, vibrant colors and visual expressions.

Self-Portrait-with-Necklace-of-ThornsShe suffered many physical ailments throughout her life. At the age of 6, Kahlo contracted polio that caused one leg to be thinner than the other and was in a traffic accident that left her in a full body cast at the age of 18. Frida was hospitalized for a few months to recover from injuries to her pelvis, shoulder, collar bone, and foot injuries. She had over 35 operations and was unable to have children due to medical complications. To cope with the pain, Kahlo turned to painting as her outlet.

Frida was greatly influenced by the indigenous Mexican culture, her physical pains she endured and her husband, Mexican painter Diego Rivera, whom she married at the age of 22. By the late 1930s, Kahlo had her first and only solo gallery, was featured in an exhibition in Paris, and sold a painting, The Frame, to the Louvre. p0255

Frida died on July 26, 1954 at the age of 47 in her beloved Blue House in Mexico City. The official cause of death was pulmonary embolism but there was speculation that she may have committed suicide by overdose. An autopsy was never conducted.

We love Frida Kahlo because she was a visionary. She had the incredible talent of being able to capture her pain and express it so vividly. Frida was a strong and passionate woman, traits we admire and are greatly inspired by. She suffered emotionally and physically, yet she was not afraid to pursue her passion and share it with the world.



PG News and Leather and Lace with a Little Teal Plaid on the Side!

I have an exciting new announcement! I have been asked to be the writer for the Global Snapshots portion of Wanderlust and Lipstick, a blog and tour site for female travelers. I will be giving tips on traveling abroad with your gear, HDR photography on the go,  How to take Panoramas with any camera, and sharing some of my personal travel stories.

wanderlust and lipstick


Please take the time to sign up for my Global Snapshots Blog to follow my musings. I originally intended the Porteen Gear blog to be my personal blog for writing, but I am going to keep it open for new product information on the Porteen Gear store. I will be posting weekly on Global Snapshots and will be reviewing photography gear as it related to travel with a little help from B & H Photo. You can subscribe in the box directly under my profile and bio here: Global Snapshots

A couple of new designs in the Porteen Gear store today! I have a new Teal Plaid and a beautiful leather with a Lace imprint. Porteen Gear Leather Camera BagPorteen Gear Camera Bag