Porteen Gear in August issue of British Vogue!

Porteen Gear Vogue

We’re in!

I am happy to announce that Porteen Gear is seen in the August issue of British Vogue! I would like to extend a warm welcome to our new visitors and encourage those to visit the Porteen Gear store. There are two places you can visit to get your Porteen Gear bag.

To start building your own custom bag, visit: The Porteen Gear Bag Builder.

Porteen Gear Store

Then, visit the Porteen Gear Etsy Store to shop around or find design inspiration for your custom bag!

Porteen Gear Etsy Shop

Stay tuned for more upcoming announcements as Porteen Gear will be adding new fabrics and designs!





Frida Kahlo: Our Inspirational Artist of the Month

Frida Kahlo


I’ll paint myself because I am so often alone, because I am the subject I know best.“-Frida Kahlo




Painter. Born Magdalena Carmen Frieda Kahlo y Calderon on July 6, 1907, in Coyocan, Mexico City, Mexico. Frida Kahlo is best known for her surreal self-portraits that feature bold, vibrant colors and visual expressions.

Self-Portrait-with-Necklace-of-ThornsShe suffered many physical ailments throughout her life. At the age of 6, Kahlo contracted polio that caused one leg to be thinner than the other and was in a traffic accident that left her in a full body cast at the age of 18. Frida was hospitalized for a few months to recover from injuries to her pelvis, shoulder, collar bone, and foot injuries. She had over 35 operations and was unable to have children due to medical complications. To cope with the pain, Kahlo turned to painting as her outlet.

Frida was greatly influenced by the indigenous Mexican culture, her physical pains she endured and her husband, Mexican painter Diego Rivera, whom she married at the age of 22. By the late 1930s, Kahlo had her first and only solo gallery, was featured in an exhibition in Paris, and sold a painting, The Frame, to the Louvre. p0255

Frida died on July 26, 1954 at the age of 47 in her beloved Blue House in Mexico City. The official cause of death was pulmonary embolism but there was speculation that she may have committed suicide by overdose. An autopsy was never conducted.

We love Frida Kahlo because she was a visionary. She had the incredible talent of being able to capture her pain and express it so vividly. Frida was a strong and passionate woman, traits we admire and are greatly inspired by. She suffered emotionally and physically, yet she was not afraid to pursue her passion and share it with the world.



PG News and Leather and Lace with a Little Teal Plaid on the Side!

I have an exciting new announcement! I have been asked to be the writer for the Global Snapshots portion of Wanderlust and Lipstick, a blog and tour site for female travelers. I will be giving tips on traveling abroad with your gear, HDR photography on the go,  How to take Panoramas with any camera, and sharing some of my personal travel stories.

wanderlust and lipstick


Please take the time to sign up for my Global Snapshots Blog to follow my musings. I originally intended the Porteen Gear blog to be my personal blog for writing, but I am going to keep it open for new product information on the Porteen Gear store. I will be posting weekly on Global Snapshots and will be reviewing photography gear as it related to travel with a little help from B & H Photo. You can subscribe in the box directly under my profile and bio here: Global Snapshots

A couple of new designs in the Porteen Gear store today! I have a new Teal Plaid and a beautiful leather with a Lace imprint. Porteen Gear Leather Camera BagPorteen Gear Camera Bag

New Leathers from my Recent Road Trip!

I was finally  able to get away and take some highway time last month. After a nice stay in New Orleans and visiting friends in Atlanta, I headed over to Tennessee to meet my leather supplier in person for the first time. I was able to see all of the leathers up close and I must have had a creative eye that day because I came back with some very unique and One of a Kind leathers! I do not have high quantities of these leathers, so they will not be put on the Bag Builder. The bags shown are available for immediate shipping and will then turn into pre-orders until the leather runs out. If you would like to design a specific bag with any of these, please email me at porteengear@gmail.com

Robyn Porteen

NewLeathers Lime Cow Hair anyone!

The Bag Builder is Ready to Use!

After many bumps and hurdles, the Bag Builder is finally coming to life!


Introducing the Porteen Gear Bag Builder! For those that have been anxiously waiting, you can now have fun and start playing with swatches!

The Medium Bag Builder is ready to Roll, you can select the swatches and place your order directly from the new store:

Porteen Gear Store – Medium Bag Builder

The Darby Bag is also ready to go in the “Men’s Room”:  The Medium Darby Style Camera Bag


The Convertible Bag is in Design Mode only, but you can still play with the swatches to design the outside of the bag.

**Be sure to Visit the Bag Builder Tips section at the top of the page to see how to capture your design and as always…if you have questions or need suggestions, use the Contact Us form on the website or send an email to porteegear@gmail.com

The rest of the site will be coming along in the next few weeks. In the meantime, you can still see all of the products and place orders for other sizes in the Porteen Gear Etsy Store


Thanks for your patience! Stay Tuned for more New Store Announcements!


Spring Line is Now Available!


Introducing the Porteen Gear SPRING LINE 2014!

The first bags will be sold as In Stock and available for immediate shipping, they will be available as Pre-Orders  after that.

The Spring line fabrics and Leathers are exclusive to this collection and the bags will retire when the fabrics have run out.

Featured bags are:  The Tuscany,  Unisex Men’s bag, Convertible Camera Bag, and a Medium, Compact, Small size camera bag. The is a Shop section called SPRING LINE 2014 in the Etsy store where these can be purchased.

These are all available in limited quantities, so get your orders in soon to own a Spring 2014 Porteen Gear Bag!

To celebrate the first official line of Porteen Gear bags, we are giving away a Free Tote Bag and a $50.00 Gift Card!

ToteWe want to see what you pack into your Porteen gear bag! Take a photo of some of the interesting items that you carry and enter it on Facebook http://bit.ly/1eY0Qpy or Instagram with the hashtag #porteenspring2014

This contest will run for two weeks. You can find all of the details by visiting the Porteen Gear Contest Page.

Porteen Gear Contest and Move to a Historic Building!

Moves Into a Historical Building We have some exciting changes coming our way in 2014!

I have always loved older historic buildings and Grand Rapids has plenty of them. Home of the Furniture Making Industry of days long gone, vacant furniture factory buildings are being turned into loft apartments, condos, photography studios and creative spaces. Porteen Gear is lucky enough to have found a new home in one of these buildings. Think, brick walls, wood floors and huge windows. The journey into this space will be documented on our Instagram feed. Which brings me to the next subject……

FollowUs Help us build up our Instagram feed! We will be giving away a $50.00 Porteen Gear Gift Card daily for the next three days. All you have to do is Follow Porteen Gear on Instagram. Click on this link for the web version: http://instagram.com/porteengear. If you are mobile, search porteengear under users and you will find us.

Following our Instagram feed will let you see daily happenings in the studio where you might even get to see your own product being made. We will be announcing the Spring Line of camera bags next week with all new fabrics plus we have exciting giveaways planned for the month of March with themed photography contests to celebrate the new line. You can be in the loop first just by following the Instagram feed.

We will announce the daily winners at 4PM EST. This contest starts now and ends at 4PM Sunday EST (-5 GMT).